Cathedral Parish Of Christ The King – Witbank

Cathedral_of_Christ_The_KingThe original foundation stone was laid on 31 August 1921 and was dedicated on 18 December 1921 – now the hall adjoining the Cathedral. Bishop Charles Cox presided over this ceremony. In February Father Joseph Klassert, a Comboni missionary was put in charge of the church and was also instrumental in building the Presbytery which was the home for successive priests until the new Parish residence was built in the 1960s when Father Gebhard Schmid was the parish priest.

Because the community was growing so rapidly the original church (now the hall) could not accommodate all the parishioners and because Witbank was establishing itself as town of enormous industrial and mining growth the cathedral was built and completed in 1954 with Bishop Anthony Reiterer at its helm.

Many priests from all over the world served this community with love and passion and the parish community grew from strength to strength guided by these dedicated servants of God whose sole purpose was to spread The Word and lead the people to the truth encompassed in loving and serving God and neighbour.

Since Vatican 2, it has been the desire of the Church for the mission of ministering to be shared by the lay people and, by God’s Grace, the cathedral parish has always had those dedicated to service and involvement .in this way encouraging the growth of the parish community, incorporating the youth in numerous activities and leading the way in the Diocese of Lydenburg / Witbank in a way which respects and encompasses all South Africans and also those many who have joined us from the rest of Africa.

The long and successful history of this Cathedral has been the work of many, some deceased, but in their lifetimes dedicated to the establishment of a Cathedral community which gives God the glory for its place in this city of Witbank / eMalahleni and the surrounding diocese.

Our present Bishop is Bishop Joseph Sandri and priest in charge is Father Molewe Machingoane supported by assistant priest Father Joshua Sienge. Who all give testimony to the power of faith and perseverance in a world that, now, more than ever, needs to acknowledge the love of God and His desire for His people to follow the Way, the Light and the Truth.