23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year C

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C


Dear Jesus, Please help me to live the way God wants me to live and to love God more than       anything else. In your name we pray. Amen


Wisdom 9:16c-18

Psalm 90:12-13, 14abc and 17

Luke 14:25-27


Being a disciple of Jesus is really hard. In the Gospel today, Jesus says we need to love God more than anyone or anything in our lives including our own life. Some people think this means that God wants everyone to leave their families, friends and homes to become priests and nuns and go work as a missionary in a foreign country. Since not everyone is able to do this, some people give up and stop trying to be a disciple. In reality, the last line of the Gospel, tells us what God is expecting of each of us, “carry your OWN cross and come with me.” Some people are called to leave their families to serve the Church or to be missionaries. Other people are called to be married and raise children who will love and serve God. Others are called to be single, serving God by taking care of their parents or working in their communities. We are all called to do different things for God and to live different lives but no matter what that calling is, God should always be our first priority and everything we do should be out of love for God. Often this is not easy. How do we know what God is calling us to do? We pray for wisdom, knowing that God will lead us to a life where we will not only be able to serve God and others, but one where we will also be very happy.


  1. God calls us to do different things at different times of our lives. What do you think God is calling you to do now as a kid?
  1. How do you think God tells us what God wants us to do? Is there a big booming voice coming from the sky? (God gives us talents and gifts that can be of special help to others. We can also look at what gives us peace and happiness when we are doing it)



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14th Jul 2016