25th Sunday Of Ordinary Time Year C

25th Sunday Of Ordinary Time Year C


Dear God, Please help us to focus on doing your will; loving others and making this world a better place. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


First Letter of Paul to the Romans 12:9-12

Psalm 25:4-5ab, 5cd-6

Luke 16:10-13


On a typical Saturday morning at our house we are rushing around trying to get all of our chores done before running off to the many activities on our calendar: soccer games, social events, volunteer projects, school and church events. Often I will give my daughters a list of chores to do while I do the grocery shopping. Just as often, after I leave, my husband will also try to give them jobs and they get caught in the question of whose job do they do or which one do they do first. Usually they try to rush through both jobs to make both of us happy and they don’t do either job very well. Today’s Gospel tells us we cannot be “slaves to two masters” in the context of serving God and money. The teaching is not about money being bad. It is about focusing on loving God and others, making our decisions and actions based on that focus. God does not want us to concentrate on material things. God wants us to concentrate on making the world better for others. Like the problem my daughters have when their parents give them different sets of directions, when we try to concentrate on making money or acquiring things to make ourselves happy we are not be able to give adequate attention to the really important things that God wants us to do.


Based on what we learned in today’s Gospel, which option is the better choice in the following questions and why?

  1. Sleeping-in on a Saturday morning or helping to serve Mass at Church?
  2. Serving a wedding at Church because you will get paid to serve weddings or volunteering your time to help you neighbor clean their yard?
  3. Giving up your recess to practice with the Church Choir or going out play during recess?
  4. Making cards for wounded soldiers or spending the afternoon watching TV?
  5. Saving all your money for a new video game or putting part of what you earn into the collection basket at Church?



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23rd Sep 2016