26th- Sunday Of Ordinary Time Year C

26th- Sunday Of Ordinary Time Year C


Dear God, Please help me to pay attention to those who do not have enough to eat or a place
to live and to do my best to help them. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen


First Letter of Paul to Timothy 6: 11 b-12a
Psalm 25:4-5abc, 6 and 7cd
Luke 16:19-31


“Try your best to be … like God. Be faithful, loving, dependable and gentle.” This is how St.
Paul says God wants us to be. In today’s Gospel we hear a story about a man who wasn’t like
this and what happened to him. It is the story of the rich man and Lazarus who is a poor man.
It might be easy to think that the story doesn’t mean anything to us because most of us are not
considered “rich” and in many of our neighborhoods we don’t really see “poor” people. You
should think about being rich and poor a different way, though. There are so many people who
don’t have a place to live, food to eat, coats to wear in the winter, toys to play with, etc. To
those people, any of us who have a home, food, electricity to make our homes warm in the
winter and cool in the summer, toys, a bed to sleep in, clothes that are clean, a bathtub to take
a bath in, we are rich. Jesus told this story to remind those of us who have things that others
do not, to share and to help those who need help. That is what being faithful, loving,
dependable and gentle is about. We need to be like Jesus and go out and find someone to
help, not wait for them to come asking. We need to look at all of the different ways a person
could be poor; the kids who only have one parent living with them, the older person who is
lonely, the girl in our class who has no friends, the boy who struggles with math, etc. When we
truly look at people we will see their poverty. Pray that we can be like God not like the rich man
and do whatever we can to help them while being grateful for all of the gifts God has given to


1. Do all children have enough food to eat?
2. Do all children have a place to live?
3. What can we do to help children who do not have what they need?
4. What does the Gospel story teach us about caring for those who are poor?



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23rd Sep 2016